Love is a great topic because we like to talk about things we love and especially we love "To Be Loved"! Some of our best memories are related to feeling that somebody genuinely loved us just as we are, we felt their unconditional love, whether we had that experience with a family member, our significant other, a friend, a teacher, a co-worker, etc.

Besides having loving experiences with people who are part of our lives, it is also important to find that special person who will be our ideal partner.

Some people are lucky to find 'the love of their life' but  the reality is that we all need to find 'the love of our life'. One of the deepest desires of our soul is to find somebody who can complement us and be there for us with a sincere, authentic unchanging and unconditional love, so we can feel safe, free and supported  to be who we are meant to be

Why is it so hard to find real, authentic, lasting love out there?

Could it be that they are "Spiritual laws" regarding "Love" and without knowing and aligning our lives with them is hard to achieve the real genuine love that we long for in the depth of our soul?

Are you looking to find this special, real love in your life? Are you looking for Mister or Miss Right?

Are you considering becoming Mister or Miss Right for somebody?

Is that possible at all?

Certainly this is a very important topic worth exploring. 

We would like to invite you for further discussions.

Let us know if you are interested and we will invite you to our next meeting.

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