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"The most important things are invisible to the eye"  

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today is easy to neglect the most important invisible part of our life because we are living in a very materialistic society. As Nils Salzgeber said, "In today’s society, it’s almost impossible not to develop any materialistic tendencies. Think about it, from a very young age we are being bombarded with glorification and celebration of the rich and famous in movies, advertisements, billboards, media, etc.

We are taught that being a success in this world means being rich, famous, beautiful or handsome, and admired by the masses, and this materialistic tendency turns people selfish and anti-social."

Materialism is dangerous to our health and well-being

This materialistic tendency is distorting our view of life that's why we need to give more attention to our spiritual needs so we can have a more balanced lifestyle. 

Spiritual fitness

To take care of our spiritual well-being means to take care of our soul or the invisible part of our life, our most deepest desires of being "Happy and Successful"

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